Harbour Patrols / Policing

Portland Harbour Authority has the powers under Article 79 of the Harbours, Docks and Piers Clauses Act 1847 to appoint Special Constables for Portland Harbour to police and control usage of the Harbour by members of the public and other users of the harbour in vessels. Article 79 states, “Any two justices may appoint such persons as may be nominated for that purpose by the undertakers to be special constables within the limits of the harbour, dock, pier and premises of the undertakers, and within one miles of the same; and every person so appointed shall be sworn in by any such justices duly to execute the office of a constable with the limited aforesaid, and when so sworn in shall have the same powers, protections and privileges within the limits aforesaid, and shall be subject to the same liabilities, as constables have or are subject to by the laws of the realm”.

Portland Harbour Authority has four attested special constables for the harbour to supervise, control & enforce the provisions of the Order if required.