Portland Port commence their yearly Breakwater clean up with the help of Portland Marina

Marine plastic and waste pollution are a serious threat to the health and biodiversity of marine environments. Portland Port in the past have taken steps to begin addressing the issue of waste that is being washed up, in and around Portland Harbour. Last week a team of Portland Port and Portland Marina employees spent time removing the plastics and litter that have been washed up on the Northern Breakwater. With an extensive breakwater system of over 5km it seemed like a good place to work on.

Ian McQuade (General Manager – Commercial) said “Like last year it was again shocking to see just how much waste plastics have washed onto this area of the breakwater. After a couple of hours and around 20 dumpy bags it feels as if we have at least made a small contribution to trying to reduce the threat to our marine life and the environment.”

Portland Marina staff joined harbour authority employees. As well as helping with the clean-up, they will be utilising some of the materials found as part of The Wombling Sculpture Workshop an arts project for Portland Week and their Art by the Sea showcase on 19th August. This is being run by one of the onsite tenants ‘Athay Studio and Gallery’. Paul Swain from Portland Marina said, “Portland Marina offered to join Portland Harbour on their breakwater clean up because they are strong advocates of the environment and a combined joint effort to sort out the plastic pollution problem seemed unmissable, there was also the bonus of sourcing new materials to be used for a ‘Unique Art Piece’.”

Sandie Wilson (Environment & Planning Manager) commented ‘It is amazing what you can achieve in just a few hours and great to see everyone’s enthusiasm to get involved, especially with the help of Portland Marina. We couldn’t believe the diversity of the waste that was scattered on the breakwater.  “

The waste that was collected will go towards the Wombling Sculpture and the rest will be separated, and as much as possible being recycled.


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