Portland Port welcomes a third Princess

Portland Port today welcomed it’s third Princess this season – this time the  Princess Cruises vessel ‘The Pacific Princess’, and this is not just any call but the third inaugural call from this cruise line this year.

Princess Cruises is a major US cruise line owned by the Carnival Corporation, one of the largest holiday companies in the world, and one of the best known names in cruising. Princess Cruises is the fastest growing international premium luxury cruise line and tour company, operating a fleet of 17 modern cruise ships, carrying two million guests each year to 380 destinations around the globe and is continuously recognized as "Best Cruise Line” for itineraries.

Securing one inaugural call from such a globally renowned brand is a great privilege, but to be able to welcome three inaugural cruise ship visits this year from Princess Cruise lines is astounding, and Portland Port feel very honoured to have been given this opportunity.

The Crown Princess made her inaugural visit on 30th April, The Sea Princess made her inaugural call on 10th July and we now welcome The Pacific Princess for her first visit.

Ian McQuade General Manager – Commercial commented ‘It has been an amazing cruise season so far and to be seeing so many ships on their inaugural visits is a testament to the hard work that everyone has put in to making Portland Port a perfect location for travellers. We have spent a lot of time building up a strong relationship with Princess Cruises, so it is particularly rewarding to now start to see the benefits of this work; and this is just the beginning as we look forward to welcoming them back again next year too.’

Admin: 11th Sep 2019 13:51:00

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COVID-19 (coronavirus)

COVID-19 (coronavirus)

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