Conduct Regarding Dolphins in Portland Harbour

We don’t know how long Danny the dolphin will be around for, and the more awareness we can raise to protect his welfare, the better.

Marine Connection has been monitoring the phenomenon of solitary cetaceans for many years and have first-hand experience of what can happen in instances where the public do not take due care around these animals or retain respect for the dolphins’ wild nature.  

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Admin: 11th Jun 2020 15:30:00

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Portland Port Completes Major Project To Increase Berth Capabilities

Portland Port Completes Major Project To Increase Berth Capabilities

A major project that has been years in the planning and months in the undertaking, has been completed at Portland Port. The port’s main berths, Outer Coaling Pier (OCP) and the outer arm of Queens Pier (Q Pier) have undergone a dredging programme to enhance their capacities.

Admin: 12th Aug 2020 16:09:00

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