Business Opportunities

Land for Lease

A wide variety of businesses have chosen to lease and develop land within the Port Estate, taking advantage of factors such as berth space, land space and a secure environment. Such ventures include Global Marine Services limited, the world's largest independent provider of marine cable installation and maintenance, Manor Marine and Portland Shellfish, who have completed construction of a state of the art facility at Portland as well as numerous civil and marine engineering companies and service providers.

There are still various plots available around the dock estate that fit a diverse range of business opportunities. 

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Future Opportunities 

Development Policy 

The Harbour Authority’s development policy can be summarised as follows:

“To secure the long-term economic viability of Portland Harbour by developing & operating in a manner which properly maintains safety of navigation for all harbour users, whilst encouraging a diverse range of activities."

The Portland Harbour Revision Order 2010

The Portland Harbour Revision Order 2010 was secured in March 2010 and includes new berths at the port to provide the necessary infrastructure to fulfil the ports commercial requirements for the next 50 years. These requirements have been identified as part of the development of a master plan and business strategy developed by Portland Port. The development is designed to increase berthing opportunities and provide more operational land particularly in the vicinity of the berths. The four general locations identified for development are referred to as:

The definitive drawing for these works can be viewed by clicking here

Film & TV Location

From time to time Portland Harbour and its dock estate are used as a film location for both television and movie productions. The most recent examples of this activity are for the BBC documentary "Armed Forces Memorial" and for Universal Pictures movies "The Boat that Rocked", "Children of Men" and "Elizabeth - The Golden Age".

During filming several local companies were asked to supply goods and services to the production crew, and in the case of "The Boat that Rocked", hundreds of local people were employed as extras during filming.

Being a backdrop for the media is also a great advertisement for the natural beauty of the harbour and the surrounding area, which will result hopefully in tourism benefits.

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