Spearfishing & Free Diving within Portland Harbour Limits

Although classed as two different sports, they have the same Navigational Risks and are managed under an Harbour Masters Direction This document will indicate what you can do where.

Historically the Breakwaters have been closed to Spearfishing. But in 2023 some parts of the breakwaters were opened up to Spearfishers who access them from the shore and with boats.

When Spearfishing you should always use a surface marker buoy / float so as to indicate your position to other water users.

Never swim across the harbour entrances, this is a prohibited activity.

Spearfishing is allowed in other parts of the harbour but comes with a heightened risk due to the density of commercial and leisure activity and the speed of vessels in this area.

Spearfishing is strictly prohibited within the Controlled Area surrounding the commercial port, (and its piers) and Portland Marina. Other prohibited areas are highlighted on the map in red.

There is no permit for Spearfishing or Freediving, however Port and Harbour Dues are payable for any vessel used on the water.

You can Purchase Port and Harbour Dues for small vessels online here.