Harbour Consultative Committe (HCC)

A Harbour Consultative Committee, representing the diverse range of users within the harbour, meet regularly to discuss harbour management. The constitution of the HCC is described in Article 6 of The Portland Harbour Revision Order 1997 is available by clicking HERE

Agenda items typically include:

Members include in order of appearance in the legislation:

Meeting Dates:

Typically 3-4 time per year

Meeting Minutes:

Further information and Questions:

For further information about the harbour consultative committee or its members, email HCC@portland-port.co.uk.

The same email can be used if you would like the harbour authority to put you in touch with your representative on the Harbour Consultative Committee.


Hamm Beach User Group:

The Harbour Authority also created the Hamm Beach User Group.  This group is made up of representatives from the organisation/sporting groups who use the Hamm Beach for teaching or leisure purposes.
This group keeps the Harbour Authority abreast of on-going activities, developments and trends within the various sports, and helps to make the Hamm Beach a safer place for all water users.

Representatives are:

For further information please contact leisure@portland-port.co.uk