Proposed Portland Harbour Fishery Order application

Portland Harbour Authority have submitted an application to Defra for the Proposed Portland Harbour Fishery Order.

In this case it is for a several order which are granted for setting up or improving private shellfisheries and in this case will relate to crustaceans and molluscs. In securing the Order the harbour authority’s policy is one of “being supportive of improving the cultivation/ management of the fishery but in doing so it must be mindful of the activities of the harbour’s existing users and the environment.”

As background, an informal consultation commenced in September 2018 and documents were online to view until 14th March 2019. This included a drop-in session held in September 2018 to enable interested parties to find out more about our plans.  The updated documentation was uploaded on the 14th March and has now been replaced with the formal application and supporting information (7th June). The application document has now been updated to take account of the latest feedback.  It will potentially be of interest to all users of Portland Harbour Authority’s jurisdiction both inside and outside the breakwaters.  This is in addition to the ongoing dialogue with our harbour consultative committee.

Defra are undertaking an internal consultation and will then be in touch so that arrangements can be made for the public consultation.

In the meantime the application and submission documents are available below.

Please do get in touch if you would like to discuss further by email or call 01305 824044.

We will continue to post updates on this page.