Towable Water Sports

Portland Harbour offers a large area of open water where many types of water sports  take place including watersking.

To water ski, aquaplane or undertake similar towing activities a water sports permit is required.

To download a permit application form and information chart, see the download section on this page.

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PLEASE NOTE: Small Vessel Harbour Dues are not included in the Towable Watersports Permit



No person shall engage or take part in water skiing, aquaplaning or similar activity within the Harbour limits without adhering to the following terms and conditions:

  1. Not within 150 metres of the breakwaters or the designated 6 knots areas
  2. Not without written permission in the form of a permit or receipt, and the payment of the relevant fees
  3. At least two persons must be onboard the vessel when towing
  4. Not without the following safety equipment onboard the vessel:~
    For each person onboard or being towed a life jacket or personal buoyancy aid
    Two hand-held flares and a fire extinguisher, rescue line and quoit or similar hand-held rescue device.
    A comprehensive FIRST AID KIT.