Portland and the surrounding area offers divers a variety of recreational dive sites.

Those dive sites within harbour limits are controlled by Diving Permits, and in some cases, prior notice is required to gain access.

All vessels are also required to have paid Port & Harbour Dues.

Any clubs requiring further information on diving in Portland Harbour should contact the Harbour Office on 01305 824044.

You will require a Dive Permit for the following dive sites - Click here to buy a dive permit online.

Inner harbour dive sites:

LCT Wreck  -  N 50 34.41 W 002 24.98

Bombardon Unit   -  N 50 34.37 W 002 24.98

The Spaniard (Enicuri) N50 34.83 W 002 24.93

Countess of Erne -  N 50 34.83  W 002 24.92

Outer Harbour Dive Sites:

Prohibited dive sites:

Diving Permit: Terms and Conditions

If permission to dive is granted a Diving Permit will be issued.  Such permit is granted subject to the attached terms and conditions.  Sports diving, especially wreck diving can be dangerous and the issuing of a dive permit does not imply or warrant that diving anywhere within the limits of the port is safe.  The Harbour Authority accepts no liability whatsoever in respect of sports diving and reminds divers, diver operators and diving organisations of their responsibilities to assess the risks and conduct all diving operations in accordance with appropriate procedures and at all times safely.

1. Diving Permits are valid only for the periods specified on the permit.

2. Diving in Portland Harbour is regulated by the Portland Harbour Revision Order 1977 (HRO) (SI 1997 No. 2949).  Copies can be downloaded from the HMSO website at:  www.hmso.gov.uk or can be obtained from the Harbour Office.  All those involved in diving are reminded they must comply with all the provisions of the HRO.  A plan showing the areas where diving is prohibited and where a diving permit is required is attached.

3. Notwithstanding anything in these Terms and Conditions any person diving in the Harbour shall immediately comply with any Directions given by the Harbour Master.

4. Diving Permits will only be issued to members of the Clubs or Associations listed below and/or the Clubs and Associations listed below for the benefit of its members:

• British Sub-Aqua Club;
• A registered Club of the Sub-Aqua Association;
• A Professional Association of Diving Instructors registered Diving School;
• Any other competent organisation granted approval in writing by PHAL.

All members of the above Clubs and Associations are required to comply with “The Divers Code of Conduct” and associated safety guidance published by the British Sub Aqua Club”

5. All persons involved in a dive must possess insurance that provides Third Party Liability cover of at least £2,000,000.

6. The dive craft shall be equipped with VHF radio and shall maintain a continuous watch on Channel 74.  Whilst divers are in the water the International Code Flag “A” shall be exhibited.

7. Diving on the HOOD in the South Ship Channel is not permitted.

8. Any Diving Club, group or diver intending to dive on the wrecks of Enecuri or LCU shall give at least 2 working days advance notice either in writing or by fax.

9. This diving permit may be rescinded by the Harbour Master without notice at any time.

10. Breach of these Terms and Conditions may result in the permit being withdrawn and/or criminal proceedings.

11. A copy of the Diving Permit (if granted) together with the attached Terms and Conditions is to be made available and shall be brought to the attention of every person involved in a diving operation.  It shall be kept on board a support boat and produced to the Harbour Master or any of his staff on demand.


Mark RowlesAssistant Harbourmaster
01305 825336

George Main

Leisure Coordinator
01305 825338


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