Port & Harbour Dues

It is a requirement that ALL vessels operating within Portland Harbour pay Port & Harbour Dues

Windsurf, Kitesurf, SUP, Wind SUP, Kite Foil, Wing Foil, Windsurf Foil, E-Foil boards, Kayaks and Small Inflatable Boats are all classified as small vessels.        

In order to safely regulate the leisure activities within the harbour, many also require a activity specific permit.   

These include fishingkitesurfingdiving, and jetski's.     

 You can pay your Port & Harbour Dues in the following ways:


What if I own multiple types of small vessel?

Example 1:
If you own kitesurf and windsurf equipment, you will need a kitesurf permit.  The kitesurf permit will cover you for kitesurf, windsurf, wing SUP, foil variants of the latter and kayak equipment.

Example 2:
If you have multiple windsurf boards that you swap between, you are only required to pay one set of dues, as it is the same discipline.

Example 3:
If you have a family of three, all of who kitesurf, you will need to purchase three sets of kitesurf permits, one for each family member.

When am I required to pay separate dues?

Example 1:
If you own a RIB and windsurf equipment, you would need to buy separate dues for the RIB and windsurf equipment.