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Portland Port has the second largest man-made harbour in the world, situated 20 nautical miles north of the westerly shipping lanes and on the main maritime trade routes allowing fast, safe access 24 hours a day.

Portland Port's location within the English Channel is unique, and provides excellent shelter from the prevailing south-westerly winds. Pilotage is only 30 minutes to any of the berths, which can be accessed at any state of the tide. This makes Portland a perfect choice when selecting a suitable South Coast port in which to carry out damage or re-classification surveys and while in port to utilise the many services and facilities available.

There are no restrictions by locks, tides, beam or air draft. The Outer Harbour has depths of up to 20m (C.D.) and the Inner Harbour has depths of up to 15m (C.D.). Portland Harbour is unique in the facilities and the protection it has to offer vessels within its safe and sheltered waters. Since the departure of the Royal Navy from Portland in 1996, the port has developed into a thriving facility where its natural and man made features make it a superb choice for all vessels.

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