Welcome to Portland Port

The port provides a complimentary shuttle bus service that runs from the port to the local town of Weymouth where there is plenty to see and do.  Alternatively, if you wish to stay on the island, the shuttle bus stops at the port entrance and Portland Castle on its way to Weymouth.  

The shuttle bus service operates continuously throughout the day and you shouldn't be waiting any longer than 20 minutes for a bus at any time. 

In order to ensure you return in time for your ships departure the last shuttle busses will leave Weymouth an hour before the ships departure making sure you have plenty of time to return to the ship and settle in for the quayside entertainment. 

Should you have any questions when you arrive, there will be a 'Welcome Team' waiting for you on the quayside.
They will be prepared with maps and local knowledge to make sure you enjoy your stay at Portland Port.  Aside from providing local knowledge and direction our 'Welcome Team' will also be able to translate any language on your behalf ensuring that nothing is lost in translation.


Amy Sandford Smith



Local and Scenic Bus Routes

We are Weymouth


Portland Port provides a complimentary shuttle service between the ship and the town centre, the last bus will leave the town centre an hour prior to the ships departure.

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