COVID-19 (coronavirus)

Portland Port Ltd. and Portland Harbour Authority are taking the COVID-19 situation seriously by closely monitoring the advice given out by the Government and maintaining regular contact with the local port health department.

For the ports staff, tenants and sub-contractors, the most up to date advice (28.08.2020) for those working in the transport sector can be found by clicking HERE.

Policies and procedures have been put in place for all shipping at the port and where possible, staff are working from home.

New advice is coming out regularly and as such the port will be updating its notices, policies and procedures on a regular basis as well.

Please click HERE to view the latest (21.04.2020) statement issued by the Cruise Lines International Association.  

Latest Government Advice for Individuals & Businesses using Boats (11.06.2020)

To view the last guidance 'COVID-19 (coronavirus): using a boat inland and on the coast' please click on the following link:

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Other Recent News

Portland Port Completes Major Project To Increase Berth Capabilities

Portland Port Completes Major Project To Increase Berth Capabilities

A major project that has been years in the planning and months in the undertaking, has been completed at Portland Port. The port’s main berths, Outer Coaling Pier (OCP) and the outer arm of Queens Pier (Q Pier) have undergone a dredging programme to enhance their capacities.

Admin: 12th Aug 2020 16:09:00

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